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Alongside her college education, Alma started exploring VJ software using video synthesizers and editing sequences. With almost ten years as a VJ, Alma has spent most years in the underground culture scene, where she finds artistic freedom.








VJ Deliria's site-specific installations have been presented in art festivals, VIP rooms, music events, and art galleries. Her exquisite mix of color, movement, and urban imagery is an abstract representation of the world through her eyes.

It is an honor to welcome her among the talented artists that we represent. If you would like to commission art installations, music videos, or VJ services, please visit our comission page or contact us to start the motion




'It's amazing playing video sets for beautiful souls who come out to celebrate life, music and arts. The culture of understanding love, passion, and respect, is what I enjoy the most about navigating the underground music scene"

Alma Jimenez aka Vj Deliria is a video artist working with digital mediums. Alma began her artistic journey in her hometown, Mexico City. She begun creating designs for her mom's T-shirt business at age 15, that is when she discovered graphic design and visual arts as her passsion.

At age 18, Alma moved to Toronto, Canada to explore the growing Drum&Bass music scene. It was in this underground music scene where Alma broke through as a VJ (Video Jockey). In 2005, Alma established residency in Buffalo, New York, where she graduated from Buffalo State College with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Communication Design.


VJ Deliria Monthly Residency:

Language Drum&Bass

@The Black Box, Denver, CO