Eunoia [pronounced: you-know-ee-uh]

Eunoia Gallery offers an exquisitely curated collection of fine art from locally, nationally, and internationally acclaimed artists. Established in May 2014, the gallery features select world-renown and prestigious local artists.  This allows serious collectors a unique opportunity to obtain investment pieces, while still remaining accessible to every art appreciator.


 We recognize the positive impact that art can have on a local community and around the world. With a vision to make the world a better place through art, the gallery is committed to supporting charitable organizations:


  • To date, over 700,000 sq. ft. of rainforest and more than 1.5 million sq ft of Big Cat Habitat have been saved.
  • A portion of the proceeds from art sales have been donated to various charities including: Doctors Without Borders Edesia, Babies 4 Us, the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.
  • More recently, the gallery teamed up with the Rare Disease United Foundation in order to raise awareness for patients with Rare Diseases. We have an ongoing exhibit, which includes artists and patients from around the world. The Exhibit tours the USA (in the top research facilities like the Broad Institute, as well as the FDA, hospitals and medical universities.. including Harvard and Brown University as well as many others), and we are making plans to have it tour internationally.


Come visit the gallery and be inspired by a wide variety of original paintings, sculpture, and glass works.


Contact us for details.